Imitating Mother Earth’s nature, the woman is a center and a wonder too. Pythia was a high priestess, one of the Fates, one of the Muses, and an inspirer in the bed, in the kitchen, on the stage, and behind the counter. The woman is a beginning and a future too. Through her, life is abundantly present in every minute. It is present in dream and pain, in madness and fear, in loss and gain. There is no heart that does not beat faster when Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Antigone, Sappho, and others are mentioned or imagined. Depending on her inner self, a woman can transform herself from a queen into a housemaid and vice versa. She has the privilege of giving and nurturing life. That is why she has been initiated into a far greater mystery than the male gender.

Meeting today’s needs, Chérie has appeared as a confession and a guide to the woman’s role and place in the contemporary world. Fascinating, brimful of real situations and philosophical ideas, the book guides us on the road to ourselves, and hence to the art of living. In a significant part of the text, the gender washes away its boundaries and marks the important duty of each of us. Breaking the threads of fear—getting rid of fear—means carefully nourishing our gifts as the greatest expression of love for the Creator.